Governor vacancy survey follow up

Governor vacancy advertising

Thanks to all of you who responded to the recent school governor vacancy survey. We had 30 responses and the majority of schools were either reporting a current vacancy or expect to have a governor vacancy in the near future. We have therefore agreed with Portsmouth Together, a one stop shop for volunteering opportunities in Portsmouth, that schools can use the website to recruit for governors and trustees. Alison Critchley has provided a template advert (attached) Governor vacancy template and will help with posting current vacancies (the website can also be used to seek other volunteers to work in your school.

 Early in the new year we are planning a governor recruitment campaign which will include encouraging staff cross Portsmouth City Council and other partner organisations to consider volunteering as school governors, pointing them towards the vacancies advertised on the Portsmouth Together site.

Kind regards

Mike Stoneman

Deputy Director of Children, Families and Education

Education Service