Portsmouth: The Digital City Project

This website has been created to support education settings across Portsmouth in developing their digital strategy as we work towards a shared vision for Portsmouth to become a digital city.

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Portsmouth: The Digital City, began in autumn 2020, when Natalie Sheppard and the Portsmouth Education Partnership came together with a citywide digital offer following the impact of Covid-19. A citywide paper was then produced in the summer of 2021 and additional support from the Ed Tech Demonstrator School’s programme in September 2021.

Funding for the programme ended in March 2022, so the city created the role of ‘Head of Digital Learning, Education and Innovation’ so they could have a strategic lead on the development of a citywide digital strategy: showing how can technology can be used to improve outcomes for all.

The next chapter: vision and aims

Supporting the city in:

  • Enhancing teaching and learning
  • Reducing workload
  • Supporting accessibility and inclusion
  • Narrowing the digital divide

…through the use of technology so that we can improve outcomes for all citizens in Portsmouth (children and adults).

The next chapter: 5 year plan

Five year plan

Main headlines / focus areas:

Main headlines

So that everyone is able to choose:

  • The right tool
  • For the right activity
  • For the right outcome
  • In that moment in time…

The project’s first year

The Sway below shows what was achieved during the first year of the project including:

  • Digital Drive Team
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Heads meetings
  • Flagship schools
  • Training for ITTs through PTSA