Preparing young people to progress and succeed in the future

Miltoncross Academy

Young people need to understand their skills, interests and values in order to create a meaningful vision for their future. By supporting them to find out about opportunities and connecting them to employers and education or training providers, they can start to understand how to make that vision a reality.

In a post-COVID-19 world, young people will be vital in rebuilding the UK economy and it is crucial to ensure they are motivated and equipped with the skills needed for their future. We know that they need to be resilient, ready to learn and to develop new skills.

The pandemic forced many businesses to take action; from improving or launching digital services, to allowing flexible working and implementing digital structures that allow people to work from home and remain productive. The focus on digital literacy will need to be strengthened but studies also highlight the importance of adaptability and emotional intelligence. Employers overwhelmingly agree that young employees will need skills, such as communication, creative problem-solving and entrepreneurial thinking.

Young people will need to support to navigate the changing job market in the future. We know that young people are concerned about their future options and will need information, advice and guidance to understand the changing job market and work patterns.