Priority Education Investment Area (PEIA)

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The Department for Education has identified Portsmouth as a Priority Education Investment Area (PEIA), meaning that the city will have access to funding which will aim to improve outcomes for our young people at both key stages 2 and 4.

As part of the PEIA project, which will run until March 2025, the PEP Strategic Board has identified four priority areas, with digital as a cross-cutting priority, which will deliver CPD and provide resources to stakeholders across the city. These areas are:

Priority Aim
1. Literacy To improve early communication, language and literacy across Portsmouth, with a key focus on key stage 1 and 2 phonics, struggling readers and writing across all key stages.
2. Maths To secure a step change in attainment and progress in maths across all key stages, developing teaching and support staff subject knowledge, creating networks across the city by utilising expertise and raising aspirations in our children and young people.
3. Attendance and careers To maximise the opportunities for learning through a continued focus on improving school attendance, which includes a focus on raising aspirations in our children and young people and the use of relational practice across the city.
4. Underperforming groups To ensure appropriate strategies are in place to improve outcomes for currently underperforming groups, through a programme of CPD made available to teachers, leaders and support staff across the city.
Digital To provide training and support for school staff to build, support and enhance the use digital technology in order to aid all pupils’ progress and attainment in maths and literacy, including those children and young people in our vulnerable groups.

The wide variety of resources and training on offer will seek to upskill the staff working in education across our schools and family hubs by sharing pedagogy and best practice and allowing for all-important collaboration. This will seek to empower them in delivering the best to our young people.

Our aim is that the PEIA project will build on and extend the ongoing work of the Portsmouth Education Partnership.

For further information, see the Portsmouth education strategy 2023-26.

Initiatives and programmes

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