Teach Portsmouth Awards Live update

The Teach Portsmouth team want to update colleagues about the awards and changes to key dates.

Earlier this week, the team met to respond to the pressure schools are under to deliver testing and remote learning. It is clear we must give colleagues more time to nominate peers. The team feel it is only right that the Teach Portsmouth Awards date is moved from Thursday 11 March to Thursday 8 July to allow colleagues more time.

In summary:

  • Nominations will remain open online until Friday 7 May
  • All nominations will be collated and sent to the shortlisting panel on Tuesday 11 May
  • Shortlisting panel will meet virtually on Tuesday 18 May from (9:30am – 12:30pm) and (1pm – 2pm).

Top questions you may have

We feel this approach is fair and gives everyone the chance to be recognised for their amazing efforts. So far, we have received over 150 entries for the people choice award category. To help you plan ahead, we’ve put together a list of questions you may find useful.

Can I delegate nominating to a colleague?

We appreciate how busy everyone is right now and understand it might be challenging for senior leaders to nominate colleagues themselves. Colleagues have recently got in contact with Teach Portsmouth about who can nominate peers. If you are unable to complete your submission, senior leaders can delegate the responsibility to someone else. It is vital that whoever you choose should be the main point of contact moving forwards.
If you have any questions, please contact the Teach Portsmouth team on [email protected].

How do I nominate colleagues?

This year, nominations for the Teach Portsmouth Awards Live are submitted online using a form. Senior leaders can view this year’s award categories before completing their submission. Colleagues are reminded that the form does not save entries as you go. Please start your submission in a Word document before transferring it into the form.

You can nominate colleagues here.

Why can’t I nominate anyone for the long service award?

Entries for the long service award closed in October 2020. If you recognised someone as part of the long service award category but have not yet submitted an application for other award categories, please complete a new application. The Teach Portsmouth team will combine your original entry with your new submission.

What about the people’s choice award?

If you shared details about the people’s choice award with parents/carers, we want to say a big thank you. So far, local residents have nominated over 150 people who have gone above and beyond the call of duty during the pandemic. The people’s choice award will close on Wednesday 13 January as planned. Nominations for other award categories will be extended until Friday 7 May.