Langstone Junior Academy receives recognition for lockdown project

Year six pupils and their teacher at Langstone Junior Academy have received recognition for a project in which they linked up with pupils in Italy and shared their lockdown experiences.

Class teacher and MFL lead, Lyndsey Knight explains:

I joined an international project that was set up by a teacher in Italy where the worst number of COVID cases were initially. We contributed to the project by uploading photos of work/fun created by our year six children at home such as letters, pictures, baking, crafts etc. The children really embraced this project, and it all sort of snowballed from receiving the first award – European Quality label – to the National Award for an Outstanding Project 2020.

A video showing examples of some of the activities carried out by pupils is available to watch online.

The British Council commented:

‘(We) would like to congratulate Langstone Junior School for being recognised with the following British Council eTwinning National Award‘.

Outstanding Project
The award was announced on Friday 27 November 2020 during the 15th annual British Council eTwinning national conference. Langstone Junior Academy’s THE RED ZONE: Isolated but connected! scored amongst the highest across the UK within the project quality framework:

  • Pedagogical innovation
  • Curricular integration
  • Collaboration between partner schools
  • Use of technology
  • Results, impact and documentation

The judge’s comments about the school’s award-winning project were:

This imaginative project directly addresses the lockdown with a thoughtful and imaginative use of technology developing creative solutions. Good collaboration between the staff involved structured new learning opportunities for all the students involved. The inclusion of family support and engagement in the students learning is commendable. Student collaboration eased the isolation for all the participants and the twinspace demonstrates the extensive learning opportunities. A worthy winning project focused on learning in lockdown.

Find out more about Project TwinSpace here.