Reading fluency in action

Evidence shows that developing reading fluency from a young age is a sure-fire way to improve academic success across all subject areas.

Over the course of 2022-23, schools across the city recorded their reading fluency work for colleagues to demonstrate what reading fluency looks like in practice, alongside an introduction to the teaching method.

In addition, pupils and teaching staff reflected on the impact of fluency on their reading, writing and oracy skills.

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Mayfield School

In these video clips you will see how KS2 teachers use reading instructions and poetry, in different ways, to increase pupils fluency.

Southsea Infant School

In this video clip you will see how a KS1 teacher structures her fluency lessons and also talks about the impact it has had.

St George’s Beneficial CE Primary School

This video shows how an English leader used poetry to create a love of reading, which in turn had an impact on fluency.

Portsmouth Grammar School – KS2

In this video teachers reflect on the benefits of choral poetry reading, pupils undertaking choral reading, as well as talking about what they learned.

Portsmouth Grammar School – KS3

In this video pupils undertake choral poetry reading then discuss what they learned from the full year of reading fluency using Tim Rasinski’s Megabook of Fluency. Teachers then discuss the teaching methods used.