Attendance and Aspirations Week at Wimborne Junior School

As part of Portsmouth City Council’s ongoing ‘Miss School, Miss Out’ school attendance campaign, Wimborne Junior School held an Aspirations Week from 21 – 25 January to help children to think about what jobs they would like to have in the future, what skills they will need in order to succeed in those jobs and how important attending school is in helping them to achieve their goals.

During the week, pupils looked at their future selves and discussing goal setting, resilience, potential barriers and the support available to help them.

Cllr Suzy Horton, cabinet member for education at Portsmouth City Council, visited the school and said that she was “overwhelmed with the quality of conversation not only about aspirations but also their understanding of what they need to do to become the best version of themselves.”

Carina Jacobs, head teacher at Wimborne Junior, said: “During Aspirations Week, we’re looking forward to inspiring the children to think about their futures and to helping them to understand the steps they can take to ensure their own success and the help available in school to aid them in reaching their goals. Hopefully they will take this forward with them into secondary school and beyond.”