Digital and remote learning

Covid-19 has brought the potential of digital technology to effectively deliver remote learning to the fore, but exploiting its use is not new and discussions involving school leaders and key partner agencies were underway in January of last year before the pandemic hit.

These discussions focussed on how a city-wide approach could be developed which supported learning both in school and at home and which could ultimately drive improved outcomes in terms of attainment and progress as well as help cut teacher workload, support inclusion and drive efficiencies.  This ambition was given a high priority within the Portsmouth Education Strategy 2020 – 2023 and forms Priority 2 of the strategy: implement a digital learning strategy for the city that supports learning both at school and at home.

The next 12 months is about generating our collective thinking and decision-making so that we can create a long-term strategy to support schools and colleges with their individual plans for digital learning as we embed the second priority of Portsmouth’s education strategy.


In order to make Portsmouth a digital city, we must work at a local level to develop an action plan around three essential and connected objectives:

Building capacity

School leaders have told us that developing the skills and confidence of educators is a priority. We know that we need ‘doers’ who can implement the vision that leaders have. Who have the technical know-how to support devices but also those ‘champions’ who can bridge the divide between the technology and teaching?

We have therefore partnered with Primary Goal to introduce a training programme that can build capacity within your school for digital change. A school leaver can become your digital advocate, or a teacher can lead as your digital champion.

For more information, please visit the Primary Goal website.

Evidencing impact

It is through the spirit of the PEP encapsulated in the motto ‘pulling together, achieving more’ that we will be able to evidence the impact of teaching with technology.


Working with Shaping Portsmouth, we are running a “Digital Enablement Programme” to encourage businesses and other partners to donate new or second-hand devices to be refurbished alongside financial donations to be provided to children who need a digital device to access learning at home.

Schools may wish to share information about this initiative with parents and local partners. There is also a parallel crowdfunding campaign for individuals or organisations who are able to provide funding rather than devices.

Digital enablement logo

No one school child family left behind


Our vision is that through working together we can ensure that: All children and young people make good progress through education which sets high expectations for them, is infused with restorative high support and high challenge, and which is supported through leading edge use of digital technology, empowering them to drive their own learning anywhere.

To assist you with developing your digital strategy, we have partnered with the EdTech Demonstrator programme and United Learning to make a digital strategy toolkit available to all Portsmouth schools.

We want to walk alongside all schools in Portsmouth to help them all have a clear, documented and costed plan to move the school forward, year on year, towards an ambitious, yet realistic, vision of how technology can support and enhance the core aims and functions of the school.

The toolkit was launched in January 2022 and can be found here.

For further information or assistance, please contact [email protected].


PEP teacher exchange: resources and advice

The PEP teacher exchange: resources and advice group is a private Facebook group where trainee and established teachers in Portsmouth can share resources, ask questions and get advice.

EdTech Demonstrator programme

The EdTech Demonstrator programme provides EdTech support and expertise to schools and colleges for both in person and remote education to help meet government expectations where pupil attendance is affected by Covid-19.

The EdTech Demonstrators can offer short term support for those requiring more rapid assistance, through to longer term support on embedding technology and developing a digital strategy.

For more information, visit the EdTech Demonstrator website.

Asynchronous learning resources

These learning resources have been created for use by the Portsmouth and Solent Training Alliance and Portsmouth Education Partnership.

Click on the title below to load the page:

General – Reading Technologies
General – Maths Prioritisation
General – Using Visualisers for Modelling
General – Cloud Storage Basics
General – Cyber Security Overview
Microsoft Toolkit – Accessibility & Inclusion Tools

Strategy – Developing Digital Champions

Teams – Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
Teams – Beyond the Basics
Teams – Using Reading Progress in Teams
Teams – Using the Reflect App for Student Wellbeing
OneNote – Getting Started with Class Notebook

Forms – Using Microsoft Forms

Sway – Getting Started with Microsoft Sway
Sway – Beyond the Basics

Apple – Book Creator for iPad
Apple – iMovie for iPad
Apple – Creating Podcasts using Garageband for iPad
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