Restorative Schools

Over a third of schools are now actively involved as trailblazers to embed restorative practice across Portsmouth. This builds on an existing strategy led by the Multi Agency Teams to adopt a Restorative Practice model of working based on strong evidence that restorative practice in schools can make a real impact on behaviour, attendance and bullying.

Cottage Grove Primary School

Within the next three years, it is expected that all schools and colleges and academies across Portsmouth will have embedded the Restorative Practice approach. At the heart of restorative approaches are strong and positive relationships between adults, between adults and pupils and between pupils themselves.

Tom Procter-Legg has produced some interesting articles on becoming a restorative school on the TES website. Take a look below:

On 3rd January 2018, an article in the Guardian was published which highlighted how restorative justice in UK schools ‘could help reduce exclusions.’ Click here to read more.

Portsmouth’s first Restorative Practice Conference was held in March 2019. Staff and pupils from Highbury College, Mayfield School, Fernhurst Juniors School shared some the great work that they are doing.

Restorative Schools Network

This area of the website is password protected. Please contact Sarah Christopher if you would like access to the Restorative Schools Network.