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Schools and families coronavirus information

Portsmouth City Council has updated the coronavirus section of their website with information for schools and families.

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Senior stakeholder hub

Portsmouth Education Partnership is working alongside Portsmouth schools on a daily basis. Locate the information you need in our senior stakeholder hub.

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Resources for schools and parents

Following the announcement of school closures for most pupils by the government, Portsmouth Education Partnership has created a resource hub for schools.

Partners including ARK via have provided free maths and English resources that can be used at home. Alongside other partners who have made services/resources free during this time.

Free: You and your teachers can access the printable resources right now, for free

Flexible: Pupils can drop in and out of the lesson materials with flexibility depending on the time they have available for home learning

Accessible: The resources are easy to access for learners and have open-ended task to ensure all pupils are supported and stretched

Tell your colleagues

Help your colleagues and tell them about our useful resources. We’ll be updating the page regularly. Scroll to the bottom of the page and send via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In or email.

Trying to navigate Google Classroom?

Need to swat up on Google Classroom? Take a look at our special guide to learn more about the solution.

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Key stage 1 resources

E-books and interactive experiences

Key stage 2 resources

E-books and interactive experiences

Useful resources for ESOL students and families

Government advice about coronavirus is now available. For more information in your language, download our resource pack below.

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Useful resources for your mental health

We understand the changing situation and the pace at which it’s moving. To ensure you have the support you need, Portsmouth Education Partnership has listed useful links to websites and apps for good mental health.

Do you have questions relating to coronavirus and Portsmouth schools?

Portsmouth City Council has put together a guide for families and schools regarding coronavirus. Take a look for more information.

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