Pupil Voice

The Council of Portsmouth Students (CoPS)

This is a forum whereby students across Portsmouth are empowered to share their opinions surrounding their education and learning. Students come together to share their assurances and fears regarding their education and wider community and they are encouraged to work collaboratively in finding solutions to the issues they face to help improve their educational experience and that of other students around Portsmouth.

Work from CoPS

CoPS gives a platform for their voice to be heard and enables students to play an active role in bringing about change which will affect all young people. Students will attend three Student Summit Days as well as a Student Voice Celebration Day. Each event will consist of lots of fun and engaging activities to help the students achieve their goals. During each summit, students will identify a number of key areas to implement school improvements.

Students then have the opportunity to choose which key area they would like to focus on improving and will form Action Groups along with similar like minded students from schools across Portsmouth. Action Groups allow students to work collaboratively with other students from different schools in finding solutions to the issues they have raised and to work on decreasing their prevalence in their schools.

You Speak Programme

The ‘You Speak’ programme is a chance for students to develop their communication skills and put them into action through debating. Click here for the latest updates.